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We Know - Feelings are Brands

The Gut-Feel People Have About You Is Your Brand

 Amplyfiying what it is that people like about you is what we're all about.


People do business with people they like.  They seek to affirm what they already believe. Understanding their values, attitudes and beliefs enables you to find that which is relevant to fulfilling their needs and wants; making your brand relevant to your prospective new customer.

Attitude is Everything

How your brand is percieved is based on observable behavior. Rooted in emotional content, your brand equity built on the way your employees view the business and their role in it.  Because to the rest of the world, they are the company.They are the manifistation of who you are. 

When your team "gets it" you're ready to go to market. Until they do, keep a low profile.


Our brand experience encompasses technology, telecom, consumer packaged goods, quick serve restaurants, commercial real estate, automotive, beverage, consumer electronics, healthcare, financial services as well as employee communications and corporate communications; B-2-C and B-2-B. 

 We follow a disciplined process to roadmap campaigns, recruit the talent to implement the work, and manage the entire process.  

About Us


FPI is an independent management consulting, advertising and marketing firm. We work primarily with C-Level executives to identify their obstacles to growth and build strategies and tactics to overcome them.  


FPI provides expert counsel and program implementation and management in

  • brand-building, marketing strategy and tactics
  • go-to-market road mapping and cost containment programs 
    • integrated market communications
    • market development and channel management
    • employee communications and cross-functional team development

Four Reasons Why FPI

  1. We give the customers you want but don't have, a reason to do business with you.
  2. We follow a disciplined process to roadmap campaigns, recruit the talent to implement the work, and manage the entire process.  
  3. When you engage FPI, you acquire access to a deep body of knowledge and top creative and marketing talent from around the world.  
  4. Compensation is fee based so our incentive is to make you more successful. 


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